Book in Progress: A Guided Greek Reader for 1-3 John

I am very excited about this project. This Greek Reader (written in French) is primarily for students who have finished a first year of New Testament Greek and who are eager to dive into the biblical text during the summer before their intermediate courses begin in the fall. That said, I believe that many other people at a range of Greek levels could also benefit. Here is a sneak preview of the first few verses of 1 John (final formatting decisions have not yet been made). Notice the three parts from top to bottom: The Greek text with some space Continue reading Book in Progress: A Guided Greek Reader for 1-3 John

Published Article: Secondary Predicates in Biblical Hebrew

I was pleasantly surprised to receive this book in the mail today: Yes, the subject matter is of personal interest. However, I admit to having an even greater personal interest in Chapter 10 of this collection, entitled “Argument Sharing Secondary Predicates in Biblical Hebrew.” The article is the fruit of my dissertation work and the combination of two conference presentations that I gave in 2018 in Jerusalem and Denver. My article can be read on my page or on Brill’s website (for those with access).