Book in Progress: A Guided Greek Reader for 1-3 John

I am very excited about this project. This Greek Reader (written in French) is primarily for students who have finished a first year of New Testament Greek and who are eager to dive into the biblical text during the summer before their intermediate courses begin in the fall. That said, I believe that many other people at a range of Greek levels could also benefit.

Here is a sneak preview of the first few verses of 1 John (final formatting decisions have not yet been made). Notice the three parts from top to bottom:

  1. The Greek text with some space between lines for writing notes
  2. A lexical aid in two columns for less common or more difficult words
  3. A grammatical aid which explains features of the text that students with a single year of greek may not have mastered yet

This is work that I am doing on the side and unpaid. If you’d like, you can support this project and others by clicking the button below: