Prayer: Week of May 23, 2021

Fearsome and almighty God, deliver us from that deadly danger, the fear of man. We sometimes fear what others may think of us, or we fear that someone may harm us for doing what is right. That fear can paralyze us, make us useless, and even put us in eternal danger. Lord, come rescue us. Show us Your glory. Give us confidence in Your promises. We need true courage, the courage toward the world that is born out of the fear of the Lord, which is also true wisdom. Set us free from false fears. In the name of Jesus. Continue reading Prayer: Week of May 23, 2021

Prayer: Week of April 18, 2021

God, Almighty and three times holy, grant us a vision of Your splendour and perfection that will bedazzle us. Like the Israelites, who were afraid to approach the mountain, give us a reasonable fear of Your immeasurable power. Like Isaiah, who was terrified to stand in Your sacred presence, give us a zealous respect for the rift that separates us from your absolute purity. Lord, how can we approach You?! Glory be to Your name, You have come toward us in Jesus, the God-Man, who is our perfect intermediary. Thank you forever for the honour of being Your children. Amen.

Prayer: Week of Sept 27, 2020

God Almighty, you who govern all of creation, have pity on us in this time of pandemic. We send our kids to school, but we fear illness. We visit our aging parents, but we fear illness. We show up to work, but we fear illness. At all times we worry and are powerless before a tiny enemy. Save us, Lord. Give us wisdom to endure well and to think of the needs of others before our own. Give us a holy fear, not of illness nor of death, but of the Almighty who is both Judge and Saviour. Amen.