Prayer: Week of June 27, 2021

Good Shepherd, watch over us during the long nights. So easily do we feel alone. We forget the good that You have done to us. We lose sight of Your mighty works, those moments in our lives when we proclaimed without any doubt that it was You who had produced a miracle for us. But the darkness makes us forget the past. Hunger, sickness, difficulties – all these cause us to doubt Your goodness; all these cause us to doubt Your love and Your promises. Give us courage and perseverance. Forgive us our mistrust. Draw us in once again by Continue reading Prayer: Week of June 27, 2021

Prayer: Week of Oct 18, 2020

Good Shepherd, you who made the earth and permitted us to roam it from end to end, and to find, either your glory, or our destruction, according to the affections of our hearts, do not abandon us. Come, Lord, and search us out wherever we are lost. Protect us from the carnivores who want nothing but to devour us. Show us the right path and guide us at every step so that we do not misstep again. Give us food and drink; refresh us and show us pure joy. We so want to sing your goodness among the nations. Amen.