Prayer: Week of August 15, 2021

Creator of all things, in the beginning You were there, and nothing at all that exists can possibly exist apart from You. You reign over all the earth, all the galaxies, and all the spirits. You keep watch over everything, and nothing escapes You. The entire history of the world is in Your hands; all of creation is firm, even if things appear otherwise to us, and even if the end appears to have found us out. Lord, shore up our fearful heart. We believe, only help our unbelief. Give us the courage to undertake Your will again today, and Continue reading Prayer: Week of August 15, 2021

Prayer: Week of March 21, 2021

Creator of all things – of mighty volcanoes, tiny mustard seeds, and the mysteries of outer space – we recognize our powerlessness and our ignorance before You. Judge of all hearts, we recognize our inability to perfectly understand and follow the paths which you have established. Give us both a deep humility and an unlimited curiosity, so that we may better rejoice in the beauty and the genius of the cosmos. Give us a repentant heart, so that we may always find our way back to You in gladness. Blessed be Your name in all the earth. Amen.

Prayer: Week of Nov 15, 2020

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, eternal God and Creator of the universe, we give you thanks for the work that is ours to do. For those who have none, Lord, we pray that you would give them good and satisfying work that allows them to earn their living. For those who do have, we pray that you would give them the grace, strength, and wisdom to labour well and to render the glory to you daily. For those who have too much, we pray that you would grant them the regular respite they need. All for your glory. Amen.