Prayer: Week of May 9, 2021

God Most High, glory be to Your name, and not to us. Too often we desire to receive the glory or to come first, but the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty belong to You. Give us a humble spirit, without vanity or arrogance. Enable us to value others above ourselves. Fill us with joy to see our brothers and sisters succeed and, what’s more, to help them succeed. May our lives be a song of praise, different every day, and every day more beautiful. In the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Prayer: Week of March 21, 2021

Creator of all things – of mighty volcanoes, tiny mustard seeds, and the mysteries of outer space – we recognize our powerlessness and our ignorance before You. Judge of all hearts, we recognize our inability to perfectly understand and follow the paths which you have established. Give us both a deep humility and an unlimited curiosity, so that we may better rejoice in the beauty and the genius of the cosmos. Give us a repentant heart, so that we may always find our way back to You in gladness. Blessed be Your name in all the earth. Amen.

Prayer: Week of Nov 29, 2020

God Almighty, you who created all things and who have made possible both our salvation and eternal life, give us the humility that befits us as human beings. Without the goodness that you pour out over all people, we could neither eat, nor learn, nor invent. By your grace alone is anything possible for us, and we desire to live in complete acknowledgement of this truth. The work accomplished is by your grace. The growth of your Church is by your grace. The heart touched by your Word is by your grace. Continue, Lord, to work through us. Amen.