Prayer: Week of September 12, 2021

Righteous Judge of all the earth, You see everything and You weight our hearts. The sins that we repeat every day are there before you. If You were not also gracious, this fact would lead us into despair, for it is impossible to escape You. O compassionate God, slow to anger, and rich in steadfast love, forgive us! Every day is a for us a failure. Every day is for us an occasion for grace. Do not abandon us to our temptations, but transform us. Replace our disordered desires with a thirst for the eternal God. In the name of Continue reading Prayer: Week of September 12, 2021

Prayer: Week of March 21, 2021

Creator of all things – of mighty volcanoes, tiny mustard seeds, and the mysteries of outer space – we recognize our powerlessness and our ignorance before You. Judge of all hearts, we recognize our inability to perfectly understand and follow the paths which you have established. Give us both a deep humility and an unlimited curiosity, so that we may better rejoice in the beauty and the genius of the cosmos. Give us a repentant heart, so that we may always find our way back to You in gladness. Blessed be Your name in all the earth. Amen.

Prayer: Week of Nov 1, 2020

God, our Judge, you who are both perfectly just and perfect love, have mercy on us. We deserve your anger. We deserve eternal punishment. We see it in the news and on social media; we see how we can be so mean and hateful; we see how we hurt and speak badly of others who are different from us. Even in silence our hearts fester. We have no defence. We are all guilty. Our only hope is the sacrifice of Jesus; He who is alone without fault. Forgive us, great Judge, for the love of your Son. Amen.