Prayer: Week of March 21, 2021

Creator of all things – of mighty volcanoes, tiny mustard seeds, and the mysteries of outer space – we recognize our powerlessness and our ignorance before You. Judge of all hearts, we recognize our inability to perfectly understand and follow the paths which you have established. Give us both a deep humility and an unlimited curiosity, so that we may better rejoice in the beauty and the genius of the cosmos. Give us a repentant heart, so that we may always find our way back to You in gladness. Blessed be Your name in all the earth. Amen.

2020 and the Coronavirus through the Eyes of Joel the Prophet

There is a sense in which the global pandemic has been good for us. Anything that can open our eyes to realities hidden or ignored must be reckoned as beneficial. Isn’t it true that we learned an important lesson in 2020? Like the Egyptians of old, mighty among the ancient nations, we have discovered that our scientific acumen and technological might is but small before the living God.1 We, like Pharaoh, might have continued to reckon ourselves gods over creation if not for a good slap on the face. Ten terrifying plagues brought mighty Egypt to its knees. One minuscule Continue reading 2020 and the Coronavirus through the Eyes of Joel the Prophet