Prayer: Week of May 30, 2021

Our Father, thank you for our life. It is thanks to you that even the smallest sparks exist, and we too are your creation. Quite honestly, life is sometimes hard, and sometimes we even regret the day of our birth. But the whole earth is full of Your glory. Help us, Lord, to see what is there to see and to rejoice in it. Give us a profound joy in contemplating your goodness and your perfect character. Encourage us to fix our gaze on Jesus and His victory and to draw from it an unshakeable and Spirit-invigorated hope. Amen.

Prayer: Week of Dec 27, 2020

O, Lord, Master of the armies of heaven, we sometimes feel so small. Whether it be before sickness, war, or injustice, Lord, we feel powerless. But if God is for us, who can be against us? In Jesus, You are victorious; in Jesus, we share Your victory. We can suffer, but not one thing in all the world can separate us from the love of Jesus. What grace to become hyper-conquerors with You and to share Your glory! May the Spirit guide us to do Your will each day, whether it be easy or difficult. All for Your glory. Amen.